Why your 50th is the "peak" age to host a celebration

Here at Flexitent, we're seeing a rise in people celebrating their 50th Birthday's, particularly over 18th's and 21st's..... but we're asking why?

We've all heard of the saying "nifty at fifty". And judging by the extravagant parties people are throwing, it appears you all agree!

By the age of 50, the average person has paid off the majority of their mortgage and has good job security. Throwing a party is more than justifiable.

It's a lovely milestone for your friends and family to come together to celebrate with you. With an average of 100 people per party being invited, due to family sizes increasing and life long friends being made, it's usually a spectacular event!

We have found the birthday boy or girl tends to pick a theme (particularly 80's or Ibiza classic) to bring back the memories of their youth. Nothing brings us more pleasure than helping you plan your special night! Our Retro rubix cube dance floor matches that 80s theme perfectly.

There's then the ever looming issue of "out doing" your friends party which you attending last year. You can't copy their ideas, but your party needs to stand out from theirs.

We've seen it all, from vodka luges, to shot girls. Magicians to fire breathers.

It appears there's no limit when it comes to throwing the perfect night.

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