The impact of lighting your stretch tent

Compared to a traditional marquee, where the ugly and bare pvc walls are the feature of your party, stretch tents beaituful curves dont need much decorating.


Adding lighting to your stretch tent, transforms it as the sun sets behind your party.

We all know lighting at a party is crucial, but when it comes to a stretch tent, such simple options make a huge difference

We have 3 main choices for lighting your tent.

1. Festoon lighting

2. Uplighters

3. Fairy lights

Festoon and fairy lights are the easiest way to create a magical feel to your party.

Festoon can be run round the perimeter of your tent, or looping from the king poles to create a "crisscross" feel.

Fairy lights can be run down guide ropes for a dual purpose. Firstly to look superb and secondly to stop guests tripping after one too many glasses of wine.

By placing uplighters on the floor, the tents beautiful curves are exaggerated in the shadows.

They can be attached directly onto the king poles, to shine on the roof of the tent.

Or even placed around the grounds of your party lighting trees or statues.

Three main options for our uplighter range.

Spike floods; slightly dimmer but a great option for those on a budget

Wired LED; Super bright, works well if you plan on flooring your tent. As we can hide the wires with ease

And wireless LED; need I say more? These are our most popular range due to their versatility.

For a 10.5m x 15m tent we recommend 14-16 uplighters.

Contact us today to chose your lighting scheme and add those finishing touches to your party.

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