The best shade solution for your party

You'll all agree that the Summer of 2018; saw the best weather we've had in years. Some days touching 30 degrees

But that beautiful sun, isn't always the best for hosting a party

Leaving your guests in that sun for more than 2 hours, and your party could have been ruined.

We found the majority of our jobs last year were being hired for stylish protection from the sun, rather than shelter from the rain!

With a traditional marquee, the PVC walls will increase the heat inside your party.

The beauty of a stretch tent, is that there's plenty of airflow inside due to its open nature.

With enough space we can also change the configuration of the rig on the day, meaning you can set the tent up with a more open feel.

Keep your guests cool this summer with Flexitent

Check out some of our jobs from 2018 that used our tents specifically for shade protection

Flexitent pool side views
Poolside views

Wedding Reception Stretch Tent
Wedding Reception Stretch Tent

Engagement Stretch Tent Party
Engagement Stretch Tent Party

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