Stretch tents vs Marquees?

Let's start by tackling the most obvious point...

"Stretch tents are more expensive"

Although this is very true, lets take a look at the two products you are being given.

Firstly and most importantly; they are not like for like.

The atmosphere inside a stretch tent is incredible. They don't need much to bring them to life.

Some simple uplighters bouncing off the canvas, give that smooth and trendy feel.

Traditional marquees need fully dressing before they become "party ready" and no one needs to see those 90's drapes hanging off the ceiling and walls!

Stretch tents offer more flexibility compared with a marquee. Each piece of material can be rigged in a variety of ways.

The client can choose to have sides open or closed and the tent can be attached directly to walls. Meaning the party can flow from inside to out.

Stretch tents cost signifiantly more to buy than a marquee. The material they are made from is a lot thicker, and more breathable that PVC. This means they are not as stuffy as marquees, and with the option to open sides up, the party will have fresh air flowing through it.

One final thought...

Once you step inside a dressed marquee, the sad truth is, you could be anywhere.

The grounds of your venue (which you've potentially paid a lot for) won't be seen by your guests.

Stretch tents offer the perfect blend; of waterproof cover, while still feeling included in the stunning acreage your venue has to offer.

A marquee and a stretch tent are two completely different products, which give two completely different vibes for your party.

Make the right choice! Choose a stretch tent!

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