Rig your tent to any structure

Planning an outdoor party?

Have you considered combining your indoor and outdoor space - whatever the weather?

Let your party flow seamlessly from inside the house to outside, by using wall attachments to bolt your Flexitent directly onto the house

The Flexitent can be added directly to brickwork, meaning you can open your patio doors straight into the party!

British weather can be a little "unpredictable" so having the option to bridge the gap from in to out, is vital if the heavens decide to open.

No one wants to leave your garden party to get a drinks top up, and have to make a dash in the rain!!

Wall attachments mean less space is needed for guide ropes, so we can maximise your useable space.

Stretch tents are far more versatile than a marquee. They allow the canvas to flow straight off the house, meaning no poles are needed on that edge. Your brickwork can become a feature without being obstructed by poles. Get all the benefits of an indoor party, outdoors whilst maintaining your garden feel.

Lucky enough to have bifold doors? Imagine an unobstructed view of your party from inside the house. You now have one, big, useable, open plan party space! We attach the stretch tent just above the doors, so you can open and close them as you please.

The most genius part being the fact you can chose to have the eye bolts removed and the holes filled, or like one of our returning customers in Berkshire this year, leave them in place, ready for next years party!

Our team arrive, and rig the tent straight up to last years bolts leaving you more time to party!

Despite the holes being very small, if hiring one of our tents for a venue that isn't yours, always get permission from the owners or manager about drilling into brickwork.

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