Driven by decor - How to furnish your stretch tent

The first question you need to ask yourself is;

What theme or atmosphere are you trying to create under the canvas?

Are you throwing an ibiza white party? Or is the tent being used for a woodland wedding? This will change the range of furniture you go for.

Lets start by looking at the most popular options.

Woodland / Rustic

Due to their open nature, our tents compliment the "rustic" theme very well. And this is often our most popular option inside the tent.

Our table options can change between the cheaper and traditional trestle tables covered in white linen, to the latest growing choice of rustic solid oak banquet tables.

For seating, we reccomend folding wooden chairs, chiavari chairs or wooden benches for your guests. Hay bales covered with blankets is often a cheaper way to create extra "chill out" seating for guests.

Lighting a woodland theme party is easy - Festoon and fairy lights!

As for a bar - nothing screams woodland more than our horse box bar.

Finishing touches such as fresh foliage, bunting and an oak dance floor are also options.

Ibiza White Party

White is in; especially when its under a stretch tent.

We can supply you with everything you need to throw an all white party from white rattan furniture, all the way to white day beds. The only thing we can't supply is the pool!

If you chose to floor your tent, our white starlit dance floor compliments the theme very well; and to get those guests onto the dance floor, we have a huge range of DJ's whom we work closely with. Many who work the London club scene weekly.

Wireless up lighters and disco lights are a must when it comes to lighting.

And we highly recommend an LED bar to serve drinks from.

Finally for those who really want to get the party started, we can arrange vodka luges, shot girls, and dancers to make sure your guests have a night to remember.

Inexpensive range

We have a huge range of options for our clients who are on more of a budget.

Our festoon lighting is just £30 a length. This is often the cheapest way to light your tent.

Pub style Forrester benches, hay bales, and bean bags are great seating choices to keep the costs down.

Poseur tables create a great area to drink around without having to provide seating.

And don't forget you can add your own garden furniture to the tent also.


Some prefer the classy and traditional look of lawn; and if your grounds are in good enough condition, then there is often no need to floor the tent.

Our most popular option when it comes to flooring is our woven matting.

It's trendy appearance adds the finishing touch to any party.

It's also a must for anyone whose guests are wearing heels!

We can go all the way to fully flooring your tent with wooden flooring and adding carpet on top to match your colour scheme. This obviously the more expense choice when it comes to flooring. But does create and incredible feel inside your tent.

The Flexitent design team are more than happy to advise when it comes to furniture! After all; its our passion!

Drop us an email today to discuss your party ideas!

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